Skills Grids: Introductory

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Voices and Images of California Art is composed of primary resource reference materials that provide an entry for understanding the work and ideas of artists. The following sections can be found in the program:

  • "Introductory Movie" profiles the artists and gives a brief glimpse into his or her life or work.
  • "The Gallery" is a sampling of the artist's work.
  • "Interview" introduces the artist's voice and allows us to hear his or her ideas about work and life.
  • "Photo Album" presents an intimate look into the artist's life.
  • "Scrapbook" is a collection of miscellaneous items that offer insights into more specific aspects of the artist's life and career.
  • "Biography" gives a narrative overview of the artist's life.
  • "Index" will take your students to any item found within the above sections of the program, by simply clicking on the item title.
  • All activities may be opened in a Word file by clicking the link "Teacher's Guide" on the activity page.

    Activities related to Voices and Images of California Art

    The ArtThink activities are designed to introduce key concepts to students as they pertain to the fields of Visual Arts, Language Arts and History/Social Studies. Teachers can use the skill grid to determine what goals their students will accomplish in each unit lesson as denoted by an "X" in the activity row. All activities have been teacher tested and comply with the California State Learning Standards.