Political Action and Cultural Reaction

The Big Idea:

How does political and artistic action influence or change culture?

Activity Overview

Avant-garde artists have received both negative and positive public attention for their challenges to traditional forms, processes, and ideas. In this activity you will gain insight into how culture is created and gain perspective on radical events in history. You will produce a timeline that connects cultural and political events, and then reflect on how those events have affected the society we live in today.

Look closely

Click on each artist button at right to view detailed screens about the artist and his or her works. Be sure to click on all images, view all videos, read all documents, and use the zoom tool to look closely at the works of art.

In this activity you will:

  1. analyze a twentieth-century historical event or movement
  2. produce an illustrated timeline of the event and cultural responses to it
  3. write a summary
  4. document your sources

You will be graded on:

  1. quality, depth, and organization of research
  2. illustrated timeline
  3. ability to research, write, and present with a partner/group
  4. participation in class discussions
  5. written reflection and research notes

New terms:

found object