Personal Manifestos

The Big Idea:

How do artists use symbols, words, and actions to convey political or social beliefs?

Activity overview

In this activity you will learn about Judy Chicago, a contemporary artist who combines words with images to express her ideas and concerns. You will then explore your own unique set of beliefs and life experiences by writing a personal manifesto and sharing it with the class.

Look closely

Click on each artist button at right to view detailed screens about the artist and his or her works. Be sure to click on all images, view all videos, read all documents, and use the zoom tool to look closely at the works of art.

In this activity you will:

  1. discover Judy Chicago and her personal voice
  2. write a manifesto in your own voice
  3. peer edit and review the manifesto
  4. share it with the class
  5. make a drawing or collage (optional)

You will be graded on:

  1. research notes from Making Sense of Modern Art
  2. creativity, style, and use of language in your manifesto
  3. presentation skills and group participation

New terms:

manifesto, revolutionary, feminism