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  • "Working with SFMOMA as a teacher advisor has given me the opportunity to share what I know firsthand about the urban teaching experience and the importance of the role of art in activist education."Kimberly Campisano
    Mission High School, San Francisco
  • "Before ArtThink I never knew how to incorporate modern art into my history classes and now I do."Kerreen Brandt
    San Rafael High School, San Rafael

Welcome Teachers!

ArtThink offers your students in-depth investigation of 20th- and 21st-century art and artists by using SFMOMA's award-winning interactive programs, Making Sense of Modern Art and Voices and Images of California Art as the basis for study. Each section of the site provides online exploration and research of thematic topics plus hands-on, step-by-step activities in language arts, history, and visual arts.

Tools and Games offers diverse approaches to art concepts that allow your students to increase their visual literacy skills and knowledge of art vocabulary.

Take-Home Treasure Hunts are fun online activities to do before or after your Museum visit, or anytime in the classroom.

Tools and Games Resources:

1. ArtThink Glossary
Building an expanded vocabulary is built into the core of ArtThink. Highlighted words link directly to the ArtThink Glossary. Students may explore words and accompanying images from the Tools and Games page or from a specific highlighted word in a lesson.
2. Art Basics
Art Basics screens give your students some fundamental knowledge of the formal qualities of art: line, shape, color, form, and texture, to name a few.
3. Comparisons Across Time
Linking works of modern and contemporary art across the 20th century, this timeline lets students choose a SFMOMA artwork, then compare and contrast two related artworks in relation to a shared concept: brushwork, grid, politics, identity, appropriation, and more.
4. Detail Detective
Detail Detective is a fun, interactive game used to increase studentsí close looking skills by finding details in various SFMOMA artworks.