Activity Index By Theme

Theme/Discipline Level Artist Activity
A Documentary Passion
History/Social Studies Int. Lange Documentaries from History
Language Arts Int. Lange Defining Documentary
Visual Arts Int. Lange Transforming the Everyday
A Personal Narrative
History/Social Studies Int. Brown Variations on a Theme
Visual Arts Int. Brown/DeFeo Representing a Life Story
Art and Social Change
History/Social Studies Adv. Rivera/Siqueiros Letter to the Editor
History/Social Studies Adv. Chicago/Modotti/Rivera Revolutionary Thinkers / Revolutionary Actions
History/Social Studies Adv. Chicago/Modotti/Rivera/Siqueiros Identifying Revolutionary Thinkers
History/Social Studies Adv. Rivera Rivera vs. Rockefeller
History/Social Studies Adv. Siqueiros Siqueiros in Jail
Language Arts Adv. Mondrian/Rivera/Siqueiros Revolutionary Words
Language Arts Adv. Rivera/Siqueiros Writing Character Manifestos
Language Arts Adv. Holzer Public Manifestos
Language Arts Adv. Chicago Personal Manifestos
Visual Arts Adv. Rivera/Siqueiros Creating a Political Mural
Visual Arts Adv. Rivera/Salcedo/Walker Identifying Personal Symbols
Visual Arts Adv. Modotti Political Messages through Symbols
Visual Arts Adv. Chicago/Rivera Personal as Political
Artists as Rule Breakers
History/Social Studies Adv. Duchamp/Matisse/Pollock/Serra Political Action and Cultural Reaction
Language Arts Adv. Duchamp/Koons Who Says It's Art?
Language Arts Adv. Duchamp Creating a Readymade Exhibition
Mood and Mystery
Language Arts Int. Oliveira Modifying Moods
Visual Arts Int. Oliveira/Park Communicating Moods
Portraiture: Revealing Ourselves and Others
Language Arts Int. Arneson/Cunningham Interview a Portrait
Visual Arts Int. Cunningham Observing People Comic Book
Self and Society: Tracing Identity
History/Social Studies Adv. Chicago/Ligon/Salcedo/Walker Unearthing Silenced Histories: Documentary
History/Social Studies All Kahlo Frida Kahlo: A Woman Situated between Two Worlds
History/Social Studies Adv. Bourgeois/Gober/Guston/Johanson Symbols and Social Mythology
Language Arts Adv. Ligon/Salcedo/Walker Unearthing Silenced Histories: Profile
Language Arts Adv. Bourgeois/Gober/Guston/Johanson Personal Symbols, Personal Mythology
Language Arts Adv. Cornell/Kiefer Interpreting the Heavens
Language Arts All Kahlo Frida Kahlo: The Loves of Her Life
Visual Arts All Kahlo Exploring Kahlo's Place in the World
Visual Arts Adv. Chicago/Ligon/Salcedo/Walker Unearthing Silenced Histories: Hidden-History Box
Visual Arts Adv. Bourgeois/Gober/Guston/Johanson Personal Symbols, Personal Mythology
Visual Arts Adv. Cahun/Gober/Guston/Warhol Imagining Alter Egos: Life-Size Paper Dolls
Shifting Perspectives
History/Social Studies Adv. Wall Staging a Historic Event
History/Social Studies Adv. Wall History of Photography
History/Social Studies All Johnson/Ligon/Marshall/Walker Looking Back to Move Forward: History Project
Language Arts All Bearden/Marshall/Walker A Play in One Act
Language Arts Adv. Wall Writing from Art
Language Arts Adv. Eliasson Human Beings versus Nature: A Short Play
Language Arts Adv. Eliasson Sensory Writing Over Time
Visual Arts All Bearden/Marshall/Walker Revealing Missing Perspectives
Visual Arts Adv. Wall Digital Montage
Transforming the Everyday
History/Social Studies Int. Saar/Weston Researching and Labeling Objects
Language Arts Int. Saar/Weston Discovering the Object
Visual Arts Int. Saar Creating a Box Assemblage
Visual Arts Int. Cornell Transforming a Book through Collage